Increase Your Business’ Value

Unlock your potential for freedom and growth with the Value Builder program.

There’s More To Your Business’ Value Than its Bottom Line

Available with Denver Business Coach 1:1 coaching program or as a self-paced subscription, the Value Builder platform and methodology is designed to help you increase your business’ value and optimize your options.

It all starts with taking the assessment.

Know Your Score

Based on numbers from 60k successful businesses, the Value Builder Score explains your business’ strengths, weaknesses, and risk areas

Implement Strategies

Using data from eight value drivers that affect your business’ value, we’ll help you improve each of these areas with targeted, proven strategies.

See Results

Watch your business and its value grow in every area, giving you the time, freedom, and revenue to allow you to chart your future on your terms.

Forget Average

When looking to sell, the average business gets offered a multiple of around 3.5 of their pre-tax profit.

It’s not bad, but it could be so much more.

We’ve found that businesses with a Value Builder score of 80 or more get offered 71% more than average—a multiple of at least 6.1.

Want to know what your Value Builder score is…and how you can raise it?

Las Vegas Business Coach quote

“I love the Value Builder System™ and working with my advisor, it’s been a great experience and has literally transformed the company.”

Steven Henderson

“Absolutely amazing to work with. It has helped guide and improve our company in just about every category possible. I feel very lucky to have Denver Business Coach as a resource for our company.”

Forrest Dent

Flip the Script

If you’re like the typical business owner, your focus has been on revenue. While that’s good, revenue is only a piece of the puzzle.
The Value Builder Program will help you assess your business model and redirect some of your current practices into methods to increase your value and scale your business.
A focus on revenue becomes a focus on value
Your competitive advantage changes from proximity to a quality product or service
A push for more products or services becomes a focus on more customers
A dependence on you becomes a company that thrives without you
A transactional business model becomes a recurring revenue stream

With a realigned focus, business owners who’ve used the Value Builder program have increased the value of their company by up to 35% in the first eight months.

Meet Your Valuation Goals

Increasing your business’ value isn’t just about getting a lucrative exit sale (though that can be an important part)—it’s about gaining the freedom to choose the direction of your business both now and in the future.

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Less Dependent on You

Learn how to build a self-sustaining business that doesn’t rely completely on you, giving you the opportunity to focus on what you love best.

Meet Your Goals

It’s a lot easier to make goals than it is to meet them. Our program will give you the structure and accountability you need to follow through.

Choose Your Path

From selling for top dollar to passing the business down, or handing off leadership to a management team, your valuable business will give you the options you want.
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“As a trained scientist, any tool I use must be proven from all angles. The Value Builder System doesn’t lie. It forces you to be honest and then shows you where the opportunities are.”

Max Mabuti

Build Your Future

Denver Business Coach is here to help you build value and freedom.