A Partner For the Long Term

The DBC Difference means we are passionate about helping small business owners succeed and grow.

The DBC Difference: Our Core Values

The DBC team understands how important your business is to you—it’s a part of who you are and what you want to become. We use these 5 principles to guide our partnership with you to give you the guidance and support that you and your business deserve.

1. Embrace Teamwork

Working together allows us to produce more innovative and practical solutions.

2. Passion for Success

Using experience and knowledge, we’re committed to helping you achieve your version of success.

3. Own It

Ownership includes solving problems, taking responsibility, and regular objective reflection.

4. Competence Matters

We are here for you – we know what to do and how to get it done.

5. Be Genuine

Mean what you say and say what you mean.

Our Why

Statistics show that a majority of small businesses are started by people who are skilled at what they enjoy doing, and who figure they’d rather work for themselves than for someone else.

Almost all new business owners assume that because they understand the technical work of the business, they understand how a business needs to be run. In reality, these are two completely different competencies, and blurring the distinction between the two is one of the causes of the high failure rate we see today in the small business world.

Denver Business Coach, aka, DBC, was founded with a passion and dedication to helping small business owners understand this distinction and grow their business into a first-class, profitable, and mature business.

The DBC Difference

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As an independent coaching and consulting firm, we’re certified in many different methodologies. That means you won’t have a particular program forced on you—our coaches are trained to know when to use which tool throughout your engagement.

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Every business is unique, and every business owner comes from a different background. At DBC, we’ll tailor-make a plan that is specific to your needs and priorities. We meet you where you are and grow from there.

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There’s no single answer to strengthening a business. That’s why we’ll give you access to a suite of tools, templates, methodologies, experiences, vetted professionals and exercises to help you address the challenges you’re facing today (and tomorrow).

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Collaboration leads to better solutions. While you will work with and build a relationship with one coach directly, be assured that you have the horsepower of a full team behind you. We are a team dedicated to your business.



The best advice comes from people who have overcome the challenge themselves. You can take comfort in knowing that all of our coaches are currently or have previously been business owners. We understand exactly what you’re facing.

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A trusted source of support can make a night and day difference to your success. Depend on us to be a long-term, committed partner that will assist you in building an asset that can help you achieve your overall life goals.