The 3P’s of Success

Sep 19, 2021

We have observed some basic rules of success, especially when you start out, that we have dubbed “The 3P’s of Success.” They are:


Find the right people and the right places and be around them more often. Understand who the wrong people are and the wrong places to be and be around those LESS often. This is one of the most important factors I have witnessed to drive success. They say you are the average of the 5 closest people (and places) you associate with. It’s more than true.


Continuously go after what is needed, wanted, and necessary to advance the cause getting clarity and understanding of what the desired “future state” is and relentlessly going after that. Grit has been cited as a key ingredient for entrepreneurial success. Can you overcome challenges quickly, continue to get beat down and still get up and try again. It’s crucial.


if something is to be achieved, do not just say – create a strategy and break it down into chewable milestones to reach the overall objective. how do you eat an elephant? Creating plans help guide you through unforeseen scenarios, gives you a path to follow, and keeps you focused on the end results.

follow these three rules of success, consistently, and you’ll be sure to reach it.
stay tuned for a deeper dive into each of these!

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