Why You Need To Slow Down To Accomplish More

Aug 3, 2017

Most of us have heard the phrase, “Slow and steady wins the race” in our childhood. When we were young, we could easily relate it to our lives, but now we have grown up, and the phrase seems irrelevant. Learn how to increase productivity and accomplish more.

We see people running around in a hurry all the time. It looks like everyone is into some race that can only be won by being faster and doing more. I don’t know about you, but I am not able to see the end of this race. Have you ever reached the finish line? Isn’t there always more, the next thing?

It just keeps going on and on without any break, any end in sight. We seem to be pushed by demands – demands of others and demands that we have on ourselves. There are expectations and responsibilities, and somehow our default response is to take on more, and do more. We have to win the race and with that context we have lost sight of the bigger picture.

I strongly believe that

“Sometimes, you have to slow down to accomplish more.”

You may have seen in some sports that players start the game by performing exceptionally well, but then somehow they start losing ground and fail in the end.

One might conclude that this is because they exhaust themselves too early and then burn out and lose their edge that they have developed.

Often we see this happen in our lives too. When we are set on a goal, we tend to work harder, faster, try to get obstacles out of the way, deal with this distraction, that distraction. “If we can just get this one thing done, then I can focus on what I really need to focus on.”

If we operate like this we might achieve our goals, but at what cost? What happened to our health? Our family? Our relationship? Or, we might fail, because we just could not stay focused long enough on the goal and see to its completion.

Worthwhile goals in life are won only by continued perseverance and a spirit kept high for a long time. Working hard and fast is important, but without the proper balance it drains your energy and you may not have enough stamina to achieve your ultimate goal.

Dedication and hard work are important, but sometimes something else is needed.

To increase productivity, it’s important to slow down, take a break for few minutes and become present what is really going on. Instead of trying to do ten things, take some time to think about what is the one action that will actually take care of ten things. It is possible to operate at that level, but it requires us to be fully present in the moment, and not get caught in the trap of doing more and faster.

As I started to truly believe that it is possible to operate at a much higher level of productivity and started practicing “Slowing Down and Accomplishing More,” I realized that I was working much more efficient and got better results.

You will see that initially slowing down is against your instincts. How can you slow down when there is so much to do? But then you will start to see that most of the things on your plate are a product of you not having taken enough time in the first place to really address a situation. And you will start to enjoy your quiet thinking time, where true productivity and effectiveness are born.

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