Set Your Business Vision

Nov 28, 2022

Set Your Vision
This exercise helps you see the vision you already have within you for your business.

What is the bigger vision you have for your business? What is the biggest vision you have for your business?

Allow yourself 20 minutes of quiet time to ponder and write your answer in the space below!

  • Let your imagination go, write a story and paint a picture for your business with words.
  • Don’t worry about beautiful writing, just write down what pops into your mind, what you see, hear and feel. A bullet point or numbered list, short or long rambling sentences – it doesn’t matter. Just write it down.
  • Finally, if you need more space, simply turn over or grab another piece of paper.

Take a moment to imagine that you’re 90 years old and are sitting in your rocking chair and looking back over your IDEAL life. You are happy and healthy and your business succeeded beyond your wildest dreams. Then, simply answer the questions below.

  • What is it about you and your business that people value?
  • What has your business achieved? What are you proud of? How has your business added meaning to your life and given you a sense of fulfillment?
  • What difference has your business made in people’s lives? In the local community? In the world?
  • What are the best parts of your business? What shows you that your business has been a success?
  • What is great about your life? How has your business helped you achieve your goals and dreams? What can you see around you? What are you hearing? What can you feel?

Final Tip: The complete picture may not magically arrive, just put pen to paper NOW and write – see what happens!