Set Your 2023 Goals

Dec 4, 2022

Set Your Annual Goals

It is finally the last month of 2022. There are a few different ways we work with our clients on setting their annual goals. Below is a 5 part process that will help you better define and accomplish your 2023 achievements. Make sure to start this sooner than later, set your 2023 goals, and hit the ground running in 2023!

Part 1: Set the Stage

Think about the end of 2023 and determine a “theme” for your year. You can think of your theme as your “annual north star.” This theme helps guide decisions throughout the year to make sure they are pointed in the right direction. For instance, your theme could be “Double 2022 Revenue” or “Increase the Value of my Business” or “Keep More Profit in Business.” If internal development is a priority, you could use “Business Architecture

My Theme For This Year Is: _________________________

Then Answer:

  • Where do you want your business to be in 10 years?
    • If you’ve done business visioning exercises, now is a great time to re view them. So, It’s 10 years from now. Think big picture: Where, ideally, do you want to be? Be realistic but also inspired – think POSSIBILITY not probability. Take a moment to really visualize it, what will your business look like, feel like, what might you be hearing, seeing?
  • What do you WANT for your business, but don’t have yet?
    • Anything from financial success to a type or number of clients, joint ventures, equipment, employees
  • What do you HAVE in your business, but don’t want?
    • e.g. things that waste time, money, get in the way of business success – anything that adds stress or cost without reward.
  • What is most important to you in the next year? My Top 3 Business Objectives are:
    • Top Business Objective #1: __________
    • Top Business Objective #2: __________
    • Top Business Objective #3: __________

Part 2: Set Your Goals

  • If you did nothing else, what 3 things would make this coming year a business success?
    • What would you be disappointed you DIDN’T achieve? Be Specific!
  • Why bother? Why this goal?
    • What outcomes are you looking for? WHY this goal? What are the BENEFITS to you or your business?
  • WHEN will you achieve it by?
    • Pick a date to aim for that inspires, but does not drain you
  • HOW will you know you achieved this goal?
    • How can you measure it?

Identify 7 Secondary Goals (for a total of 10 Business Goals)

  • These goals are a secondary focus of your business. They may be small things that have been nagging at your for some time. They may be stepping stones to longer-term goals, or they may be large goals themselves.
  • The key here is that they are important enough to you to be worth writing down and working towards. These goals must be distinct from the primary 3 goals.
  • You must be able to state the goal in one sentence
  • The Goals need to be specific, and measurable in some way – with the measure as part of the goal.
    • Goal 1:
    • Goal 2:
    • Goal 3:
    • Goal 4:
    • Goal 5:
    • Goal 6:
    • Goal 7:

Part 3: Preparing for Success

  • Success Accelerators
    • What can I start doing, stop doing, do more/less of that will help me achieve these goals?
  • Smash Those Obstacles
    • What could get in the way? If you were going to sabotage yourself, how would you do it?
  • What is the best advice I could give myself to achieve these goals?

Part 4: Taking Action

What is ONE thing you will do to get started on EACH goal in the next month?
Write out just ONE action that you will complete towards EACH goal in the next month. This is the FIRST STEP. Break the action down into a smaller step or action until you can commit 100%. If you want to do morer than one action, great, but there must be a minimum of ONE:

  • Goal 1 Action:
    • By:
  • Goal 2 Action:
    • By:
  • Goal 3 Action:
    • By:
  • etc.

Finally, what is ONE action you can take tomorrow?

Part 5: Support and Commitment

Who will help and support you? What KEY support do I need?

Your personal trainer, coach, a friend, gym-partner, family, a work colleague, consultant? Get specific as to how they can support you.

  • Who_____ HOW specifically? ______
  • Who_____ HOW specifically? ______
  • Who_____ HOW specifically? ______

How likely OUT OF 10 do you feel it is that you will achieve these goals?

Use this 5 part plan for your business BEFORE 2023 starts!

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