Sell Your WHY – Not Your WHAT

Jun 1, 2018

As small business owners and entrepreneurs we are always looking for the most cost effective marketing and sales strategy. There is so much noise out there nowadays with “blog this” “keyword that” “pain-point here.”

I’ll let you all in on a secret… if you can form your story to focus on your why and not your what… you will dominate the market.

To my clients (business owners and entrepreneurs) I always talk about the importance of being able to tell your story. Being a good story teller dates back to the ancient times when tribes were just being formed. The leader of these tribes was the best storyteller in the group. Human nature wants to latch on and immerse themselves in the story, pretending they are the hero that rescues Princess Peach.

Being a good story-teller has these three[3] major impacts for your business:

1. Elevate Your Culture

You are incredibly unique being an entrepreneur / business owner. Not a lot of people can actually do it. BE PROUD!!! Write your story down of how you came to be in the position you are to have your own business. Your story (done right) will promote an environment in which a culture of ownership mentality can be fostered. Your employees will be inspired and motivated by your story, and want to help you achieve greatness. [you must pay attention to their own personal goals as well]

2. Elevate your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Are you more intrigued by a story, or buy a list of benefits?
98% of you would rather sit back and enjoy a well thought out, exciting story than reading a list of benefits. Purpose Pioneers says it best:

“use your company’s purpose as a compelling way to share your story, and the business will come” – Alex Agresta.

When you think about your marketing and sales efforts, create a story in which your ideal client/customer is the hero who experiences adversity. They search high and low for a solution, and then run in to you; the guide.

  • You help them along their journey to success by the efforts you provide.
  • You are the Yoda, your client/customer is the Luke Skywalker.
  • You are not the hero. Your client/customer is.

Donald Miller says in the great book Building a Story Brand says any potential customer or client should be able to pass the “grunt” test. What is the grunt test? If I visit your website, within the first five[5] seconds I should be able to grunt (as a caveman would) the answer to these three[3] questions:

  • What do you offer?
  • How will it make my life better?
  • What do I need to do to buy it?

3. Elevate your Leadership Capability

Any great CEO can inspire and motivate their people to perform at a high level. These great CEO’s like Elon Musk & Richard Branson are innately great story-tellers. If you are the leader of a company, and you can’t tell a story to inspire and motivate your people, you are not in the right spot. Every single great movement started with a story.
What it comes down to is people love to be a part of a story. As a leader, you should be able to tell your story in a way that inspires and motivates.

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