Proximity is the Key to Success

Sep 27, 2021

Proximity is the Key


find the right people and the right places and be around them more often. Understand who the wrong people are and the wrong places to be and be around those LESS often

Over the years, I’ve noticed a major trend in those that are successful, and those that are not.

Those that are successful, surround themselves with the people and places that will allow them to gain greater success. Like anything, growth has stages. One group of people, for instance, will get you to one stage of business. If your desire is to grow past that stage, you will need to find a different caliber of people to surround yourself with. The caveat is, you cannot jump stages. As a new business owner, you cannot expect to surround yourself with people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. you have to work your way to that level.

It is advantageous to strategically look at those people you surround yourself with, and those places you frequent and understand if it is the right people/places you should continue to be around, and then understand who are the next people and the next places you need to surround yourself with to get to an even greater stage.

This applies to your social life as well as your professional life! I won’t get into the details here (if you ask me personally, I will), but I have learned that cutting out certain people that don’t align with your own goals and aspirations can be a massive leap in your success. Holding on for the sake of “friendship” can actually hold you back, as that has the potential to keep you in the same place – as I experienced myself.


strategically evaluate the people and places you associate yourself with and understand if those are the people and places that will help you get to the next level, or will keep you in the same place. Act accordingly

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