Maximize Your Profits with a Profit First Coach

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Drive your profitability with one of our Certified ProfitFirst Coaches

Grow Through Challenges With Profit at the Forefront

As one of the few certified ProfitFirst coaches in the nation, we’ll help you not just address your business’ challenges, but also boost your profits throughout the process.

Be Yourself

Stop trying (and failing) to change yourself. Our behavioral guidelines will help you achieve your goals without having to change your behavior.

Take Control

Learn the simple, proven way to put profit first so you can grow your business, make smart budgeting decisions, and even pay yourself!

Make Real Progress

What good is overcoming challenges if your profits don’t reflect the change? By growing profit while solving problems, you never stop moving forward.
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“Denver Business Coach has been great to work with! The accountability and refreshing ideas are always on point. It helps as a small business owner to feel like you have a team in your corner.”

Myriah Shimatsu

“The team at Denver Business Coach are awesome at what they do. They’ve been working very closely with my law firm over the past year to help us increase revenue, hire new employees, and have even helped us through the purchase of a new office space. I highly recommend their expertise.”

Jeff Althaus

Turn Your Business into a Profit-Generating Machine

The Profit First method makes growing profit an achievable goal.

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Assess Your Situation

Examine your current strengths and weaknesses.

Make Change Now

Get actions you can immediately apply to grow your profits.

Achieve Fluid Growth

Enjoy fast, comfortable, sustainable growth.

“Denver Business Coach has made a huge impact on my business. From on-boarding to financial budgets, things that have always run incorrectly are all now built in systems that we can rely on. Thank you so much for steering the ship in the right direction!”

Dr. Nicholas Shupe

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Your Trusted Partner

Let’s work together to take your profits to new heights.