Improving Your Problem-Solving Skills – Part 2 of 3

Sep 7, 2021

but first, here is the answer to the candle problem made famous by Gestalt psychologist Karl Dunker in 1945:

the candle problem

(click the image to learn more about this cool study)

Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills: Part 2


this is a really great tactic to approach some of the toughest problems, especially if you are a visual person!

A visual snapshot of a problem and its possible solutions can help focus the mind, stimulate the brain, increase the capacity for creative thinking, and generate more ideas for solutions.

Make a “Mind Map” with the problem in the center. when you think about the problem, branch off all of the other causes of the problem. a good approach is the “5 Why’s” which is as simple as it sounds… ask “why” 5 times for the problem, and each perceived cause of the problem. This will help you get to the root causes of that particular problem.
Next, think of the solutions for those root causes. create a mind map for the perceived solutions to the problem, with the branches being the different ways to execute that solution.
From there, compare the solutions, to the root causes, and determine which are the best solutions to act on.
*This is best performed with multiple people to cover all the bases!

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