How to Create Impactful Marketing Messaging

Oct 15, 2022

Sharon: Good morning, this is Sharon Heller, and I’m here with Steven Kohnke from Denver Business Coach. Good morning, Steven.

Steven: Morning, Sharon. How are you?

Sharon: I’m doing well today. I’m looking forward to getting some good tips from you this morning, as always. So what’s our topic today?

Steven: Yeah. So as you know, we’ve been having conversations around some of the research that we did at Denver Business Coach. We’re really just polled business owners asking them where they’re strong, where they’re weak in their business and just kind of taking the temperature check there.

Steven: One of the questions we had on there is, the strength of the marketing messaging that they’re using. And how confident they are in the strength of that and having different variations of the same pathway or the same messaging or what they’re able to offer.

Sharon: So that’s a super important hot topic, I know, for business owners always talking about marketing and how they’re they’re communicating what they do. So what should a really strong and impactful marketing message accomplish?

Steven: Yeah. So when you have strong, impactful marketing messaging, what you’re able to happen in potential customers is, they’re able to relate. They can see themselves in that messaging and they can say, “Oh, yeah, that’s definitely something I’ve been struggling with, or that’s definitely something I need or want or desire.” And it’s attention-grabbing. It makes you kind of turn your head.

Steven: That’s what good messaging is. And that’s what everyone tries to get to on that level. And sometimes with good marketing messaging is, it’s going to be not your first attempt at it, not your second or third. But it could be many attempts at saying something very similar until you get that catch, something that might be really impactful to you, might not be impactful to your customers.

Steven: So it’s important to have a flow within it. And that’s why I think we really ask about the different variations of being able to talk about the same problem of good marketing messaging, because it is a little bit of a trial and error because what you think might not be what they’re thinking.

Sharon: So how, I mean, there are probably so many different ways, but how does a business owner go about creating this strong messaging that has this wide range of variations that you just talked about? Like where do you start?

Steven: Well, that’s great, because where a lot of businesses start and they start with, how am I going to help you? What about me? What about my business? What about my story or my qualifications is going to prove to you that I can do what you need? And that’s not how you start. That is probably the number one thing that I see it’s “Here’s my resume. This is why you should go with me.”

Steven: And what you want to be able to say is, have you been in this situation? Have you been in this problem? Have you experienced this? Have you been impacted by this? Well, that’s what I do. I solve this. It’s really talking about them first. And that’s what people are going to be most interested in, creating some sort of story that begins with them as the hero.

Steven: And I’m taking this a little bit from Donald Miller’s Story Brand here is your customers is the hero, you’re only the guy. And where a lot of people trip up is that flip flop. They try to present themselves as a hero instead of, instead of the guy. So what you’re trying to do is help your customer get from point A to point Z really and guide them along that whole path.

Steven: And being able to get that across is where strong messaging is going to come from. So that’s one, putting the customer first.

Steven: The other way is being able to have different ways of speaking about it. Because people care about things in different ways. If you have neck pain, and you talk about statistics in your marketing messaging, I’ll make up a number, 70% of people suffer from neck pain because of sleeping, that’s something that we are able to help people mitigate.

Steven: That was going to land with someone more, that is going to land with someone else, who might be experiencing the same thing. So is having different variations and understanding that people see things differently and it catches their attention.

Steven: So being able to have, you know, how is this going to be? Statistics? How is that going to be impactful for them having some sort of emotional response? How is this overcoming neck pain, going to help them get back to their life? And spending more time with their family or whatnot? So being able to talk about it in different ways is going to be what drags other people’s attention that is experiencing the same problem.

Sharon: Really great conversation, Steven, and probably one that most of us need professional help with. I think that’s why marketing is such a hot topic for business owners. So anything you want to share in closing?

Steven: Yeah, you’re right. Marketing is a very hot topic. And it’s extremely important because if you’re not able to capture the attention of your potential customers, you’re not going to have a business for very long. So what we’ve done, actually at Denver Business Coach is that we created, a tool that can help people guide themselves.

Steven: How to create one good story messaging and to about 15 different variations of talking about a particular problem, as I was using the example of neck pain. How are 10, 15 different ways of saying “We solve neck pain”. And it’s kind of a self-guided document.

Steven: And to get to that is It’s going to be a downloadable document on that, and hopefully, that can help people solve this problem and talk better about what they’re able to provide.

Steven: Awesome. Well, thank you for all this great information this morning, and I look forward to the next time wishing you a good day.

Steven: You as well sharing with you so much. Bye.