Having a Plan is Your Key to Success

Nov 4, 2021

Having a Plan is the Key

Plan your Success

We’ve talked about how “proximity” is a key to success and how continuous “pursuit” is a key to success. The final key to success is “planning.”

Long term vs. short-term planning

Understand the difference and the role one plays on the other. you cannot have a long-term plan without a short-term plan. You also cannot have a short-term plan without a long-term plan. Write each out and show how one affects the other.


Testing is often missed when creating both long and short-term plans. Think of this as more of hypothesis testing… if I do X, then Y will happen. Test that theory on a small scale, record the results, then test again. This provides a nimble way to move through your plan and better see the pathway forward


Milestones are bigger achievements on the way to recognizing the goal set forth. Take, for instance, a bodybuilder who has an overall goal to deadlift 500lbs. He is currently at 200lbs. His big milestones are 300, 400, 450. From 200 – 300, he needs to lift, eat, and rest a certain way. From 300 – 400 the plan is slightly different, and the same for 400 – 500. At each milestone achieved, he was able to reward himself for hard work and was able to rest and re-evaluate the plan to get to the next milestone. This kept him persistent in the pursuit of his goal.

Milestones are important!


Prioritization is probably one of the hardest things for any business owner (or really any person) to get right. It takes a conscious effort, which that in itself we are innately resistant to. Understanding prioritization means you understand your long-term and short-term goals, and what it takes to get there. You can see a clear pathway forward and understand the first, second, third, etc. steps you need to take to achieve the milestones. A good way to get better at this is to really work your way backward from a not-so-distant milestone, to understand the daily and weekly actions that are needed to achieve that milestone, which in turn brings you closer to your overall goal.


Habits are the smallest thing that has the biggest impact! planning out our daily habits, and aiming them towards your milestones and your goals IS WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. “what got you here, won’t get you there” is my favorite saying, and this applies probably the most to your daily habits and routine.

You MUST create a plan to reach your vision.

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