Start Preparing for Your Exit NOW

business exit planning

Looking to exit your business in the next 3-5 years? We can help.

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There’s a Lot at Stake When You Exit Your Business

We’ll help you be ready.

business exit planning

Address Your Gaps

To exit successfully, you need to balance the business, personal, and financial parts of your life. We’ll help you identify, measure, and close these gaps.

Prepare Yourself

From building a fulfilling life outside your business to crafting a plan for your next venture, we’ll help you be ready for this life-changing event.

Increase Value

Knowing your business’ value now and the steps you can take to improve it will ensure you’ll get the highest multiple when your business sells.
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“True professionals in every sense of the word. They have helped many business owners take their operations to the next level and his willingness to work around the clock proves his value. I highly recommend using Denver Business Coach if you are looking for additional accountability moving forward toward success.”

Bryce Babcock

“Denver Business Coach’s professional work has helped the business grow and evaluate the needs in a structured and achievable process! He is dedicated and supportive of advancing to the next level. That has helped us move through decision making and evaluating our outcomes of growth.”

Elizabeth Kincaid

75% of Business Owners Have Regrets After Selling

You don’t have to be one of them.

business exit planning

100% of owners exit their business one way or another. The question is—will it be a positive or negative experience?

Making a plan now helps you avoid these outcomes.

66% of owners are not familiar with exit options
78% have no formal transition advisory team
83% have no written transition plan
76% plan to transition over the next 10 years
49% have not done any exit planning
94% have no written “life after” plan
More than 70% of businesses that are put on the market do not sell
66% of an owner’s wealth is locked up in the business
business exit planning

At Denver Business Coach we help work with proven consulting methods to help you answer the following two questions with a strong and confident “YES.”

Am I ready to sell my business?
Is my business ready for a sale?

“I know 20 other businesses that use Simon at Denver Business Coaching. They have not only improved their overall productivity as a business owner, but their profits are on an overall rise. Not to mention what all the employees now feel. I can tell you from working with DBC that when you're done, your business will be running at the highest level it can.”

Eric Hunsberger

Make the Most of Your Exit