Denver Business Networking Group

Oct 3, 2022

Network In Action Denver

We believe that for a business owner to be truly successful they need to have a network of other successful professionals who support them on their journey. That’s why we bring together a coalition of likeminded professionals who value the power of networking. We facilitate two networking groups in the Denver Metro area.

These networking groups are like no other you have participated with before and are a solid part of many of our client’s marketing plan.  Here are six of the major differences from other networking groups:

Monthly Meetings

We have only one mandatory monthly meeting. Most other networking groups require weekly meetings. NIA has created a fully gamified online platform for engagement that enables members to interact with and learn about their group members throughout the month. This potentially frees up over 20 hours a month so that you can focus on what’s important: Growing your business.

Professional Leaders

Traditional Networking organizations rely on volunteers to run their groups. They are susceptible to frequent change in leadership, distracted and apathetic volunteers, and little to no accountability for their fellow members

The NIA Difference is that we recruit professional leaders to run your group. This means that there is a professional monitoring the activity of the group at all times, ensuring that all members are participating and contributing to the group.

Refer with Confidence

Network In Action only wants the best of the best in our groups. This requires a level of quality control that no other networking organization offers. How do we do this? We require all of our members to submit to a background check and personality profile. Through NIA, you can refer with confidence and know that the professionals whom you refer have a clean background and a Networking-oriented approach to business.


NIA is built to be a Networking powerhouse! With our website and smartphone app (Available on Android and Apple) you can pass and track referrals with ease. You can also start discussions, post status updates, videos, announcements, pictures and much more.

In order to encourage competition within our groups, we’ve also turned the Networking Experience into a game of sorts. Earn points to go up in rank by passing referrals and engaging with your group

Monthly Coaching

Every month we have a special coaching event open to all Network In Action members and groups. Coaching sessions are presented by industry professionals and they cover a range of topics that are meant to empower you in your business goals.

Guaranteed ROI

No other networking organization offers a ROI guarantee. Network In Action does this with a simple calculation method and your commitment to attend monthly meetings and pass referrals.

Find Out More About Our Networking Groups

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