Decision Making

Aug 9, 2021

Decision Making

Ever been paralyzed from making decisions? I certainly have. weighing the pros and cons of any one decision, especially big ones, can be scary! What if the other choice is actually a better one and you aren’t seeing something you should?

I recently listened to a Brian Greene podcast and he was talking about there is a theory out there that talks about how for every decision you’ve ever made, there is another version of you in another universe that has made the other decision… pretty wild!
but back to business… how can we make better, faster, more concise decisions with a higher level of confidence? Here is a quick hack I like to do:

A “Decision-Making Matrix” is a simple way to think about different options. Though there are likely several more complexities that go with bigger options, this will help you understand whether or not you’re on the right path.

  • The X-Axis has your Mission Statement, and your Vision Statement
    • Hopefully you have done these, they motivate you, and you are proud of them! if not, this won’t work as well
  • The Y-Axis has your Core Values (proud of these??)
  • Write your decision at the top
  • When you consider this, put a ✔️ in the boxes that the course of action you are contemplating perfectly aligns with, and an ❌ in the boxes that the course of action does NOT align with.
  • The more ❌’s, the worse of a course of action it is. If you have all ✔️’s, you will likely be very pleased with this course of action

Here is our video discussing different strategies for improving this skill: Getting Better at Decision Making

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