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In our 30-minute discovery call, we will get to know each other and determine what a working relationship would look like moving forward.

We may discuss questions like:

What business support are you looking for?
What challenges are you looking to overcome?
What results would you like to achieve by potentially working with us?
Any other questions you have about business coaching and consulting.

If we both feel that there is potential for us to work together then we will schedule a second, more in-depth strategy meeting.

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Work with Denver Business Coach to

Grow revenue with strategic marketing and sales
Scale through systems and processes
Set KPIs and develop operational efficiencies
Develop managerial and executive leadership teams
Break through revenue plataus
Build value and prepare for high value sale
Las Vegas Business Coach quote

"Denver Business Coach is a must-have part of your advisory team. With their help I transitioned from being an employee of my business to a true CEO"

Cristyn Kelly

"DBC has guided and improved our company in just about every category possible. I could not imagine running a business without the support and guidance of a business coach. "

Forrest Dent

"DBC has helped me work through the process of identifying the highest leverage, most important things to work on. And they kept me accountable. This is invaluable in a world where there is never enough time to get everything done and pressures from multiple directions."

Walker Hinshaw

Ownership Mentality Helps Businesses Succeed

Run Your Business Like a Pro

Build Value

Strengthen your systems in process so you can decouple from daily operations and stay focused on growing the organization.

Grow and Scale

Push past revenue plataus and develop the metrics needed to help you grow smart and grow strong.

Find Freedom

Build the leadership structures that free you from too-long task lists and that nagging feeling of never being caught up.


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About Us

At Denver Business Coach, we know you want the freedom that comes from a strong, resilient company.

But how do you get away from everyday demands and build a self-sustaining business that can thrive without your constant attention?

We understand the push and pull between doing what’s necessary for the day-to-day operation of your business and what actually builds long term value. That’s why, for more than a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of owners build systems and processes that transform their business into sustainable, independently-running companies.

You deserve to enjoy the benefits of business ownership. Our expert coaches and consultants are here to help you make a plan and follow it to independence, success, and balance.

The Difference between Starting vs. Growing a Business

A More Valuable Profitable Sustainable
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Take action today and ensure the strength and longevity of your business.

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Ownership Mentality Helps Businesses Succeed


What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of coaching options to help you meet your personal and organizational goals. We specifically focus on leadership development, building operational systems and processes, and building long term value in the company.

What type of companies do you work for?
We serve clients in a variety of business stages and industries. From start ups who want to beat the odds to established companies ready to scale, our team of coaches bring decades of real-world business experience from the software, manufacturing, wellness, defense, non-profit, construction, sales, engineering, and medical sectors.
How is my coach selected?
During our initial discovery phase we will assess your needs, goals, size, and industry to pair you with a coach with specific experience supporting companies just like yours.
We aren't in Denver? Can we work together?
Yes! We serve clients across the globe through virtual coaching appointments.
What type of results can I expect?

Every client’s goals are different. We set clear objectives in our first appointment and build a plan to help you reach them. Consistent action yields big results. Check out how it worked for Local Eyes.

Are you certified?
Our coaches hold a variety of certifications including Certified Exit Planning®, Certified Value Builder™, Certified Prosci Change Practitioner, Certified Profit First Professional, and Certified Train-the-Trainer Nutrition and Wellness Coach.