Business Coaching for Start-Ups

Oct 3, 2022

Business Coaching for Startups

During the startup phase, the primary focus of the business owner is on clearly define the products or services that are being offered, developing a marketing and sales strategy, start driving sales – and more often than not, being the one delivering those services and products to the customer.

Common challenges during this phase are:

  • You are short on cash. The business needs more than it brings in and reserves are running low.
  • The marketing message is not clearly defined. You have a hard time finding customers who can do business with you and you are always getting beat up on price.
  • You are wearing too many (all) hats and all your time is being consumed by the business.
  • You are feeling tired, maybe even a little scared – “This is much harder than I thought. I don’t know if I can do this.”

How we support business owners during this phase:

  • At this stage business, owners need very practical advice and cutthroat honesty. It is critical that the business gets to the break-even point as quickly as possible.
  • The focus naturally is on marketing and sales. What is your Unique Selling Proposition? Do you understand the Buyer’s Journey and how are you addressing that in your marketing and sales strategy.
  • We also find that during this stage one of our main role is to focus on what is truly important and not let distractions waste precious time and money. Accountability is critically important to get the momentum going in the right direction.

Specifically what we do during this phase:

  • Create a simple but powerful Strategic Marketing Plan, including a Unique Selling Proposition and a Guarantee so that your ideal clients/customers feel compelled to do business with YOU instead of your competitors because you’re different from all the rest.
  • Establish the right Routines for business owners where you’ve got the most important things blocked into your calendar as an appointment with yourself that you always keep and can then be held accountable to do it.
  • Help business owners maintain a winning Mindset.

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